How Uforika Is Stepping Up the GameFi Game for Gamers, Designers and Developers

How Uforika Is Stepping Up the GameFi Game for Gamers, Designers and Developers

How Uforika Is Stepping Up the GameFi Game for Gamers, Designers and Developers

The experience of a game can be unique. To be transported to another reality, to engage in escapism for a while and even to become a superhero (or a supervillain) can be so liberating. These defining moments in gaming can be really precious for those who enjoy them. 

For these reasons, gaming has become a big part of many people’s lives. With the exponential growth of technology in the last 20 years, this industry keeps on breaking boundaries and  has subsequently become a multi billion dollar industry around the globe. 

However, as the market grows, so does the competition. 

To stay in the “game”, companies must offer one-of-a-kind experiences that truly make the user feel their purchase has been worth it. Moreover, the user must feel their time spent on the game - a much more valuable resource nowadays - has been worth it. 

That’s why UFORIKA is building something to make every second played count. As previously mentioned in one of our latest posts, the number one rule is to provide something that is fun to play, to engage in, and to evolve with. 

In order to do this it’s essential to keep up with the market - or even better, to think ahead of it! If you want people to have fun, you must understand and listen to their needs, their feedback and what’s going to make them happy, keeping them interested and on the edge of their seats - enjoying every bit of the experience. 

Why is UFORIKA great for gamers & game designers? 

UFORIKA is building using the NFusion game engine. 

It provides enhanced graphics, performance and access to a more visually enticing gaming experience for users.

The UFORIKA metaverse was also designed to be highly accessible and created for Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) gaming environments. 

UFORIKA is also partnered with AAA gaming studio, Nequinox, to work with an amazing dev team that has worked on BAFTA award-winning titles in addition to possessing vast experience in creating world-class gaming experiences that push the boundaries of technology. 

By introducing a blockchain-based, engage & earn gaming structure, UFORIKA provides the opportunity for true digital asset ownership and an immersive experience, within an open-sourced metaverse. 

Therefore, unlike non-blockchain based games, users own all the assets they purchase and create and, most importantly, all their data as well -  allowing for interoperability opportunities through other metaverse experiences with file import / export capability. 

All of this with the bonus of having low transaction fees powered by Polygon’s (MATIC) network infrastructure.

 Why is UFORIKA great for Game Developers? 

UFORIKA was also designed thinking about game developers and content creators as the NFusion game engine makes the code “don’t repeat yourself” (DRY), minimising code repetition and resulting in a better experience for developers overall. UFORIKA’s “Engage. Earn. Evolve” motto includes the evolution of pushing technical boundaries with NFusion game engine technology.

As an “icing on the cake”, the game development topic could also be one of the education subjects in Bizeda City, leading its Fortian students to a potential career in game development, kickstarted at Uforika University. 

UFORIKA takes every step to ensure an  experience that’s engaging and transformative within the metaverse, whether you’re a gamer, a creator or developer.