The concept of an open metaverse embraces the essence of the metaverse itself: to build something not ruled by big companies or conglomerates – something that is truly open-source for everything and everyone who wishes to be a part of it. Moreover, the open metaverse also allows users to benefit from what makes this digital universe a unique and revolutionary place:

  • A place that provides deep immersive internet experience
  • A place that provides true ownership for its users


As UFORIKA was created as a project made to push the open metaverse status to the limit, everything in the Fortian’s world corroborates and empowers the essence of this technology.This is possible  as UFORIKA enables an environment made for engagement where users have freedom and, most of all, have multiple ways of having true ownership. 


The idea of ownership in the metaverse is to promote a place where users have total control over their data, transactions and assets within the experience.By making it open-source, it aligns the core concept of metaverse, web3 and blockchain – decentralisation and independence – reflecting back to the overall community purpose. At UFORIKA, this is translated in different and fairer ways of ownership. One of these is to provide users with true ownership of IKAs, gear, NFT assets and $FORA gained from level playing hovaboard races and battles. But don’t worry about not having the chance to win something because you might compete with someone highly skilled and with rare items!All battles and challenges in UFORIKA are by level: you only participate in battles, races and challenges with Fortians at the same level and with the same level of items that you have. This way, all Fortians are free to engage, earn and evolve, regardless of their item levels or how much they have.  Users of UFORIKA also have true ownership of their $FORA even as tuition for educational opportunities, after staked tokens are unlocked upon graduation. Therefore, UFORIKA offers Fortian students even greater incentive to pursue certificates in a wide variety of subjects rather than succumb to the pressures of student debt. Ownership is simply one part of the tokenomics of engagement that UFORIKA is developed on. 

Engagement by immersion

Engaging users also requires a deep and truly interesting experience. This occurs through a fundamental aspect of the metaverse: the immersion of this digital universe. Powered by the NFusion Engine, UFORIKA is being built to be accessed through different platforms, including VR accessories and even, in the future, physical member hubs where Fortians and guests can go to meet and socialise whilst also having the ability to engage in the latest VR technology to access UFORIKA. With so many possibilities, rewards almost take a back seat for users’ attention. Every part of  UFORIKA is exciting for the technology and the usability involved. The difference is that while you enjoy it, you are rewarded. Engagement is not only about the game. When Fortians engage in UFORIKA, they are also becoming more immersed in the experience of the metaverse itself, regardless of the world or planet they wish to visit. 

UFORIKA truly believes in the power of the open metaverse to provide a perfect place to engage, earn and, ultimately, evolve.