The metaverse is growing in adoption and popularity as its use cases unfold right before users’ eyes. However, the real key to the success of this new digital universe lies with the technology that holds it together: the blockchain.

UFORIKA aims to be another successful use case of blockchain delivering something groundbreaking with real-life benefits. Something that goes beyond the feeling of playing in the virtual world, with positive influences in the ‘physical’ world too.

These benefits and life-changing developments are only possible because the blockchain backs it up. In this post, we are going to show some of the real-life perks that UFORIKA offers its players in a way that only a well structured project in blockchain can.

Blockchain as a groundbreaking tool

First of all, we need to be reminded that blockchain is a digital distributed ledger that allows various servers to be connected through cryptography and different validating processes.

Blockchain has as its main characteristics the aspects of being seamless, tamper-proof, with no intermediaries, as well as being immutable and unanimous.

These characteristics have allowed revolutionary projects to be built upon it, the greatest examples of which are the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and so forth.

The same technology that brings all these characteristics to crypto are also supporting the metaverse, enabling it to offer benefits such as digital property exclusivity, digital asset ownership rights for the user and the freedom to be used by whoever wants to be a part of it.

From projects such as Axie Infinity (play to earn) that supported communities in emergent countries like the Phillipines to a finance tool to combat hyperinflation such as in El Salvador; it is already common knowledge that the “blockchain tree” and its “branches” can help many people from different walks of life.

For UFORIKA, the goal is to promote an ‘engage and earn’ metaverse ecosystem where everyone can be a part of and benefit from it. It embraces the open metaverse at its most progressive and expansive form, engaging the promise of Web3 as it engages users in an immersive world of experiences and in opportunities for personal and global growth in a variety of ways.

Some of them include (but are not limited to):


Student debt is responsible for many students defaulting or dropping out of school.

This affects both personal finances of individuals and the economic stability and success of a nation.

A country with capable and high-skilled professionals is a country that knows no roadblocks to career and its own economic, political and social advancement.

UFORIKA brings powerful and necessary assistance: through Bizeda city in UFORIKA’s world, students who wish to learn from a wide variety of subjects, (blockchain and non-blockchain related), will be able to stake tokens as tuition for certificate-earning educational experiences.

The students will not only be getting the tokens they staked and locked in, but they also will be able to use any percentage reward gained from this staking across all of Uforika’s seven cities of experience.


UFORIKA is a decentralised empire of engagement that will be able to sprout many possible jobs through its seven cities.

Individuals will be able to gain new careers and job opportunities such as selling NFT-authenticated goods in SHOPA, offering community Ad Stations for advertising and ad space as a virtual realtor. Fortians can choose to sell their plot in the marketplace or, alternatively, choose to rent their plot to other Fortians, just as in the physical world.

Entry fees are levelled

According to UFORIKA’s whitepaper, fees will be levelled through different spaces, so no player has an extreme advantage due to financial means, how many assets they can afford, or other spending.

$FORA will also be exchangeable for other cryptocurrencies and, in extension, for fiat currency as it will be available in exchanges after the Public and Private rounds of investment.

UFORIKA has an impact in and out of the metaverse

As we can see, blockchain opens up a whole new myriad of opportunities and possibilities to get real-life benefits. However, if a project does not have a goal of community improvement and life-changing ideas, all this potential can go to waste.

That is fortunately not the case for UFORIKA, which from education to property ownership, has the plan to really impact users’ lives – in and out of the metaverse.