The Metaverse has been arousing the interest of many individuals and, since late 2021, metaverse platforms have been one of the trending niches in the blockchain and crypto space. Whilst the definitions of these new worlds remain undefined, the metaverse at its core aims to connect the virtual world and the physical world, enabling a more immersive set of experiences for users.

It is no wonder that the Gartner blog categorized it as one of the top five emerging technologies that have the potential to disrupt and transform the entire market. It is also estimated to be worth over $800 billion by 2024, which is attributed to its high interest and, in a recent report released by McKinsey & Company, the Metaverse is forecasted to be a $5 trillion market by 2030

Several projects and companies are springing up with the aim of bringing the metaverse to life. Among these is Uforika, a project inspired by a combination of metaverse ecosystems, traditional gaming titles, as well as fictional literature and film, which also aims to give users a decentralized tokenized platform offering hope and opportunity to a global audience in a 3D/VR based universe.

What is Planet Uforika?

Uforika is a newly discovered planet, paving the way for a brighter future where users from all generations can build new communities to create new dreams, aspirations & opportunities while actively engaging with and learning about blockchain technology. 

At its core, Uforika is building a platform designed for user generated content that incorporates a combination of metaverse elements such as educational gamification & interaction, native gaming loops, business & retail advertising opportunities and social networking to build an open metaverse platform. Uforika utilizes blockchain technology and economics to reward its users for their contributions and engagements with the ecosystem, presenting a new mechanic; Engage and Earn. 

Uforika considers that not all users are gamers and incorporates systems that ensure users from all walks of life can virtually immerse themselves in the project.

There are several ways users can earn rewards in Uforika. Some of these ways include:

• Competing in IKA battles & tournaments or competing in Hova Board races & tournaments

• Buying, selling & creating virtual planet real estate plots

• Leasing purchased planet real estate plots to other users

• Making virtual real estate available in an Airbnb style to accommodate “tourists” into Uforika from other platforms, opening up a new virtual travel business economy

• Benefit from advertising revenue via Ad-Stations located across the planet’s cities

How Uforika Brings the Metaverse to Life

Uforika ensures its users (Fortians) can immerse themselves in the virtual world, enhancing their experiences. 

Allowing this is the NFusionTM gaming engine. Built by some of the world’s best game engine developers and gaming industry veterans, NFusionTM Engine has been specifically architected to revolutionise the way user generated content is created in-world by allowing users to iterate content extremely quickly using the engine developer tools, delivering a super smooth user experience.  

In addition to this, imagine buying an NFT avatar asset that genuinely represents you and then receiving the physical version of the same asset to wear as you engage in gaming, fitness, travel adventures, HOVA-board races and battles with alien creatures that you can nurture from an egg. 

To spice things up, you can interact with communities across the planet cities whether that be gaming, entertainment, shopping, education, fitness or just hanging out in beautiful locations. All of these are unlocked in Uforika.

Fortians can also benefit from Uforika experiences such as:

• Access to exclusive virtual event content e.g. “backstage passes” / “After parties” / VIP Event passes

• Exclusive content only available on Uforika e.g. involvement in character creation / storyline content / comic book content / collectibles

The Seven Cities in Uforika

  1. HOMA – this is the residential city where Fortians can buy, build, create, sell & rent virtual real estate. Fortians can customize & furnish their properties as they wish using the Uforika SDK (software development kit) or purchase content from the Uforika marketplace.
  2. ARENA – Arise & earn your honor on the sacred battlefields of Uforika in ARENA; the destination for IKA combat and evolution. 
  3. FITNA – The city of health & wellbeing. FITNA embraces & provides a variety of collaborative physical & mental health pathways as Uforika seeks to evolve care for the physical through the digital.
  4. ENTA – This is the entertainment city where all entertainment events take place – Buy your NFT tickets with $FORA and immerse yourself in the future of entertainment experiences. Virtual concerts – Virtual cinema – Virtual events: they all await you in the entertainment city
  5. BIZEDA – Bizeda is the city of business & education. Network & collaborate with peers and partners in a B2B environment in one part of the city, whilst expanding your mind at Uforika University on the other. BIZEDA is a city where engagement and achievement is rewarded in a secure, protected environment for learning & industry 
  6. PLAYA – Playa is the hub of gaming activity where players can experience hova race environments as well as gateways to other game experiences from across the metaverse. 
  7. SHOPA – Shopa is the city of retail & e-commerce. A thriving hub of opportunity for independent and major brands alike. Retail therapy reimagined for the metaverse.

Uforika is bringing the metaverse to life and you can be a big part of our community. To stay updated on all the happenings in our ecosystem, follow us on Twitter, Join our Discord channel and Telegram community.