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UFORIKA is a massive multiplayer online (MMO) world platform that has its own story and its own history to discover. The native game experience is centred around HOVA-Board battle racing where players use fiery creatures known as IKAs to join them in race battles. In addition to that, UFORIKA also provides innovative and powerful content creation edit tooling which lets users build and publish directly in the live platform environment so that content can be broadcasted to other users in seconds.

User experience. UFORIKA is an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) world. In fact, it’s a planet the size of Mars and so we need an engine capable of delivering a seamless UX that can scale whilst also providing innovations around tooling for content creators. We also want to ensure that we deliver a great graphics experience which is accessible to all users without the need for high powered, expensive computers. We have a team of industry veterans and partners who are specialised in this field in order to provide the disruptive experience we want to deliver for users, players and creators.

Yes – we are incorporating blockchain technology so that users can take true ownership of their assets, visible and verified on the blockchain network. If a user creates or owns content and assets that they wish to monetise, blockchain technology legitimately allows for this in addition to allowing users to take a more proactive role in the development of the platform itself.
Yes you can – but you don’t have to. If you just want to explore the world and its experiences then that’s cool. If you want to build your own stuff to share with others, then owning your own plot is the perfect way to begin your build journey and gain access to some super powerful tools.

Yes. All content and assets you create will be yours to own.

Yes. Any asset or experience you create will be able to be monetised via the UFORIKA marketplace.
When the platform is launched, we want to get you playing and exploring quickly. On entering UFORIKA for the first time, you will be guided through the account setup process so you can get out into the world and begin your journey. Having a user profile enables you to track progress and store your inventory of assets.
$FORA is the native platform token (currency) of UFORIKA’s world.
$FORA acts as the currency of UFORIKA and it can be used to make purchases on the platform for multiple purposes. Users can use it to buy lamps to hatch IKA eggs, purchase HOVA-boards, buy virtual planet real estate plots, in addition to purchasing any other item that is listed on the UFORIKA marketplace such as tickets to events on UFORIKA or buying assets to customise avatars & HOVA-boards etc