The Metaverse is expanding to incorporate the daily activities of the real world into virtual worlds and Uforika is leveraging this perspective to build a metaverse that connects to everyone. 

UFORIKA is a new metaverse platform that passionately advocates for the concept of the open metaverse. Utilising blockchain technology and tokenised economics, users, brands and organisations are invited to reimagine play to earn and enter a world where engagement and evolution are rewarded as a new mechanic is presented: Engage and Earn!

At its core, UFORIKA is a world for users to have fun, to grow and to evolve and every aspect of UFORIKA is being designed with accessibility and inclusion in mind from the earliest stages of development.

Users will be able to immerse themselves in the engaging, free to play experiences across the platform. Whether you are a gamer, an educator, a builder or creator, have a passion for retail, a professional or fitness enthusiast, UFORIKA has something for you.

While there are other metaverse platforms emerging, the structures put in place by Uforika position it as one of the most exciting metaverse platforms for future generations.

5 Ways Uforika is Building the Best Metaverse

1. Accessibility & Inclusivity

Uforika understands that limiting a platform to a specific group also limits the potential of that platform to impact other audiences. The most important aspect to UFORIKA is that everyone is welcome and all users should have fun. Above all, UFORIKA is aspirational and inclusive in order to encourage mass adoption and, with that in mind, accessibility is an integral part of the design and development process, embracing inclusive design from the early stages of development, making it easy for users to navigate and create an accessible entrance into the virtual world community and experiences in the metaverse.

2. UFORIKA’s Game Engine

Nfusion EngineTM is a revolutionary new engine, built by gaming industry veterans and specifically architected from the ground up for massive world sizes, that embraces web3.0, delivers fast iteration and provides innovative tools for users & developers to create stunning content.

It is a modular, pluggable engine designed to efficiently use system CPUs, GPUs, Memory and File System resources. 

Its node-based design is data-driven and behavior-centric, allowing users and developers to have complete control over the engine with a collaborative, intuitive, and stable editing environment. 

3. Spirit Guides

When entering UFORIKA for the first time, a Spirit Guide will be assigned to you.

Manifesting as animals from Uforika’s past, the guides are a constant, loyal companion, navigating you across the planet and encouraging social interaction and engagement.

4. The Seven Cities

Planet Uforika consists of seven cities, each with its unique function

As you explore Uforika, you can find HOMA, the city to buy, build, create, sell & rent virtual real estate. Arise & earn your honor on the sacred battlefields of Uforika in ARENA; the destination for IKA combat and evolution. FITNA is the city of health and wellbeing. Buy your NFT tickets with $FORA and immerse yourself in the future of entertainment experiences in ENTA. BIZEDA is the city of business & education. PLAYA is the city of gaming activity where players can experience hova race environments as well as gateways to other game experiences and SHOPA is the city of retail & e-commerce; a thriving hub of opportunity for independent and major brands alike.

5. Wide Variety of Gaming Experiences

Uforika has a wide variety of collectibles and gaming experiences across many levels: NFT Collectible IKA eggs & creatures, HOVA-Board racing & HOVA-Board NFTs in addition to strategy creature battling. Combined with a rich gaming lore to accompany the world, UFORIKA provides players with a deeply immersive virtual platform experience.  

Players can earn rewards by engaging, playing and competing across games with great graphics, suitable for all levels of ability with the focus on having fun. 

Uforika also has a blockchain wallet that enables users to store $FORA tokens and NFT assets and will interact with multiple blockchains. 

Across Uforika, you can earn rewards just by expanding your experiences, and there are many experiences to explore. 

Uforika seeks to provide a great entry point to the Metaverse for first time adventurers and a new experience for existing adopters that exposes you to cross-metaverse and collaborative experiences.

Uforika is building a metaverse for everyone. 

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