UFORIKA Origins (2023) #1


Charles J. Martin
Jonathan Koelsch

Jonathan Koelsch

Zachary Luke
Simon Brant
Adam Greenwood

Light years from Earth, pioneers discover a forgotten planet at the center of an ancient, galactic prophecy. They hoped to explore a new home, instead they found UFORIKA! Dive in to a mysterious, undiscovered world and uncover the hidden secrets that are buried deep within its unchartered lands. The exceptional team at UFORIKA Comics, featuring the creative talents of Charles Martin and Jonathan Koelsch, have meticulously crafted each piece of artwork across this visually stunning asset to bring a new story to life in explosive style! This first issue comic book graphically narrates the opening chapter of the UFORIKA lore, providing a creatively engaging and immersive experience of the highest quality. It’s the beginning of a captivating Sci-Fi adventure story, with further issues in production that continue to unravel the intriguing tale of UFORIKA and reveal the origin story of the world, its characters, creatures and creations!