As it opens its eyes, a new connection is formed. You look into your metaverse avatar’s eyes with interest and intrigue. It is distinguishably perfect, exactly as you created and how you imagined it would be – quirky and uniquely yours. 

Your Fortian eyes are still getting used to the clarity of the new dawn and your avatar pupils dilate in the sun’s bright beams. By your side, your new spirit companion yawns and shakes its body, ridding itself of the last signs of sleep. It is very much awake and it is eager for action. 

A  message reads: “I am ready. Shall we go?”. 

You are still evolving the new bond formed between you and your guide. Who would have thought that this world would present you with such a companion – a spirit from the past, steeped in the history of this planet whilst guiding you towards its future. Suddenly, you feel the comfort of its presence; your metaverse avatar is not alone anymore. Your journey together is about to begin. 

The spirit animal makes a sound, a little impatient. 

“Come on! Will we stay here forever?” 

You wake up from your daydreaming and start following the instructions of your new guide. 

You begin your trip with your Spirit Guide navigating through the HOVA Port. As the spirit prances proudly on its mission, you feel more confident in your journey because of its guidance.  

The breeze is warm and you feel renewed with possibilities. You’re fully immersed and engulfed in the sights, the sounds, the characters, and the world as a whole,  you almost believe you are physically there. 

Your companion keeps enticing you to move faster, just as excited to show you around as you are to discover everything. 

You increase your speed to keep up the pace and soon your travels truly begin with the first transportation to HOMA – a place where a diversity of metaverse avatars and their spirit guides are living, building and interacting. 

Unique and beautiful creations of all shapes and sizes share the city. Avatars interact and you can’t wait to start your life there as well, building the future of this world together. 

And still, your Spirit Guide is anxious to show you more. 

You travel quickly to ARENA where the atmosphere changes. 

“A place built for battle”, your Spirit Guide says.

As you look around, you see magnificent creatures: some big, some furry, but all carrying battle scars and sharp-eyed stares.

“Those are the IKAs” – your Spirit Guide tells you, while you tingle with both amazement and a little fear. 

Even though it might seem a little daunting, you start to wish you had one just to experience this world of battle, sweat and glory. 

There’s far more to explore than the seven cities.  The open metaverse aspect of this new world, totally blockchain-based, allows you to go much further. You soon discover that other planets and lands are available to venture to as exploration awaits but you know that you will always be able to call UFORIKA “home” and that brings you a warm, comforting feeling.  

As the new dawn unfolds and your adventure here has begun, you begin to realise that this is not your average metaverse, and this creature alongside you is no ordinary being. 

This is the start of something truly profound, that will change  your perspective on life in the metaverse forever. This is UFORIKA.