Whilst the current definition of the Metaverse is still up for debate, there is agreement that the primary concept is to bridge the gap between real world interactions and virtual world immersion, enabling the read, write, and own capabilities of the Web3.

As the evolution of the Metaverse begins, top brands are developing early experiments with the technical mechanics and creative possibilities that virtual worlds and blockchain can provide, which is attracting attention.

This experimentation is still very much in its infancy and a long way from delivering the mass adoption that the industry wants to achieve.

This is mainly due, in part, to the technological advances that will be required to enable a mass user base, ensuring that end user hardware can handle the compute requirements needed, delivering coherent massive world structures that are easy for ‘everyday’ users to navigate, with a graphics standard that appeals to a mass audience and combined with seamless user onboarding experiences.

To solve these problems, an open metaverse platform called UFORIKA was founded.

The Open Metaverse Called UFORIKA

Welcome to UFORIKA – a decentralised celebration of the metaverse!

Born out of a creative and culturally inspired vision that aspires for true digital asset ownership rights, UFORIKA passionately advocates for the concept of the open metaverse and collaboration across platforms whilst delivering its own unique native narrative and user experiences in a 3D/VR based MMO environment.

UFORIKA is a place where users will be able to immerse themselves in the engaging, free to play experiences across the platform.

Whether you are a gamer, an educator, a builder or creator, have a passion for retail, a professional or a fitness enthusiast, UFORIKA has something for you.

Utilising blockchain technology and tokenised economics, users, brands and organisations are invited to reimagine play to earn and enter a world where engagement and evolution are rewarded, introducing a new mechanic: Engage and Earn!

Across UFORIKA, there are 7 cities.

Each of these cities has its own specific function and is designed to deliver a clear and coherent massive world structure for users to easily navigate whilst delivering stunning visual graphics and aesthetics to enjoy.

The vision is to collaborate with other metaverses and immersive experiences which compliment each city in addition to providing the user and developer tools to create user generated content (completely owned by the creators) across the platform.

At its core, UFORIKA is a world for users to have fun, to grow and to evolve.

Every aspect of UFORIKA has been designed with accessibility and inclusion in mind from the earliest stages of development and this drives its utility and its purpose to deliver a truly inclusive environment as it seeks to engage consumers and evolve them into creators and contributors to the platform.

The opportunities are endless.

UFORIKA is building a metaverse platform for everyone. To stay updated on all the happenings in our ecosystem, follow us on Twitter, Join our Discord channel and Telegram community.