The peace of the environment

The sound of the trees echoing through the forests

The leaves clash against one another in excitement as they eagerly await the coming summer

This is the story of our planet

Animals peacefully roaming through the lands

The Polar Bears rising in strength and honor

The Eagle King gently kissing the skies, flying in splendor as the Wolf King keeps watch below

This is the story of a thriving animal kingdom

The Monkey King dances as he issues commands to the troops

The Panda King clothed in desires to strengthen his tribe

The Snake King shimmering in the sunlight as the Racoons rustle under the surface

This is the story of a kingdom loved

The animals in unity, building a world they call home

A planet where every animal has an equal right

A planet where all animals raise their young with love and care 

This is the story of what used to be

The kingdom is left in ruins

Its glory slowly departs as the Kings, troops, and tribes are destroyed

The kingdom overthrown by an uninvited species 

This is the story of UFORIKA

A new dawn awaits…