When considering a metaverse project, one major attraction for users is the concept of “play to earn”. With perks such as earning crypto rewards, projects that reward users for their time spent playing a game are increasing day by day. However, as it shows in the statement itself, players are getting used to a misleading assumption that earning is guaranteed. The danger here is that game experiences are reduced in quality as users focus more on the earning aspect as opposed to great gameplay and worlds that contain rich narratives and skill based game mechanics. 

UFORIKA was designed to bring with it a refreshing new perspective. The creative team behind it believes in a deeper connection to the world itself in order to get rewards. As players become more engaged with UFORIKA’s metaverse, it will become apparent that Uforika is not just a project that was developed for players to earn, but rather an experience rewarding those who engage organically, and for those truly embracing and enjoying the journey.

As the discovery of the UFORIKA platform unfolds, users gradually become more acquainted with the multitude of experiences and endless possibilities to meet each and every one of their aspirations. Seven cities with their own unique experiences make the UFORIKA platform inclusive for all types of metaverse enthusiasts and audiences who are willing to dive in and become a Fortian.

Here are 3 reasons why UFORIKA’s Engage & Earn metaverse is a winning play for everyone:

1. Fun is our #1 priority!

You don’t have to be an expert gamer to enjoy virtual worlds: everyone just wants to have fun regardless of their skill level. That’s why the team behind UFORIKA made inclusivity for all types of audiences a priority when creating the platform.

From the very beginning of the journey and continuing as users evolve on the platform, users will find engaging and entertaining experiences developed within an inclusive community.

The aim of UFORIKA was always to deliver an immersive experience to both retain the user base and prove the value of the ecosystem. UFORIKA should give inspiration and more appetite for engagement to users so everyone wants to connect and collaborate across the platform.

Whether racing through the flyways on customisable and collectible HOVA-boards, engaging and evolving in battle with your hatched IKA creatures, or immersing yourself in the collaborative experiences across the 7 cities, the vision is to have fun whilst earning rewards for meaningful platform engagement.

2. Accessibility and inclusivity!

An accessible and inclusive environment has been a high priority for the UFORIKA team. In order to engage and earn, the platform should be user-friendly so earning rewards  would not be a difficult or daunting task. 

As mentioned in UFORIKA’s whitepaper:

“Every aspect of UFORIKA is being designed with accessibility and inclusion in mind from the earliest stages of development. This drives our utility and our purpose to deliver a truly inclusive environment as we seek to engage consumers and evolve them into creators and contributors to our platform”. 

To help achieve that, upon entering Planet UFORIKA, all users will be invited to create a personalised avatar with a wide range of combinations, being assigned to their own spirit guide that will serve as their companion in UFORIKA, helping Fortians navigate through the world.

3. Multitude of ways to earn rewards!

There are so many ways of earning crypto rewards on Planet UFORIKA and Fortians can benefit from those opportunities as they engage through various activities.

Users can get $FORA (UFORIKA’s in-game token) by competing in IKA battles, tournaments, Hova-Board races, buying and selling virtual planet real estate plots, engaging with world content and education activities and even advertising revenue via Ad-Stations located across the planet’s 7 cities. 

By engaging to earn crypto rewards, users can also benefit from UFORIKA experiences as the platform evolves such as having access to exclusive virtual events with backstage passes, access to after parties, getting VIP event passes and other exclusive content privileges available only on UFORIKA. 

In conclusion, Planet UFORIKA states that it is designed for everyone: to introduce a new dawn of metaverse platform, driving technical innovation that is designed to scale and is accessible for mass adoption, regardless of your knowledge level on web3 or the Metaverse. What truly matters is your willingness to help shape this new era and the future of our virtual existence. To engage, earn, and evolve.